How should I prepare for my photoshoot?

I will give you several recommendations that will help you to get the most from your photoshoot from my perspective…

Several weeks in advance, you should be thinking about and practicing the poses and leaps that best show your lines and your skills.

Several days before the shoot, you should consider getting a manicure and pedicure. If you wear nail polish, consider getting a french manicure or something neutral or nude unless we have a specific plan in place for the shoot. Make sure you are following a good skin care regime, staying hydrated and getting a good nights rest every night. Because dry lips and dark circles under the eyes have never complimented a photograph.

On the day of the shoot, be sure you have all of the changes of clothes you plan to take with you packed. Don’t forget your pointe shoes! If we are planning to pin up your hair for a portion of the shoot, be sure to have a brush and extra hair products on hand, but come with your hair down. The only makeup that is recommend you bring with you is a concealer that matches your skin tone. Other than that, relax, and stretch well and often.