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Frequently Asked


In our FAQ section we answers the most common questions. If you happen to have a question that is not covered on this list, please feel free to contact our studio directly.

Find answers to common questions.

I will give you several recommendations that will help you to get the most from your photoshoot from my perspective…

Several weeks in advance, you should be thinking about and practicing the poses and leaps that best show your lines and your skills.

Several days before the shoot, you should consider getting a manicure and pedicure. If you wear nail polish, consider getting a french manicure or something neutral or nude unless we have a specific plan in place for the shoot. Make sure you are following a good skin care regime, staying hydrated and getting a good nights rest every night. Because dry lips and dark circles under the eyes have never complimented a photograph.

On the day of the shoot, be sure you have all of the changes of clothes you plan to take with you packed. Don’t forget your pointe shoes! If we are planning to pin up your hair for a portion of the shoot, be sure to have a brush and extra hair products on hand, but come with your hair down. The only makeup that is recommend you bring with you is a concealer that matches your skin tone. Other than that, relax, and stretch well and often.

Generally, this will be worked out prior to a photoshoot during our conversation about our ideas for the specific shoot, whether it’s classical, contemporary or even casual attire. That being said, I do encourage you to have as many options as you would like to try and as time will allow during our shoot. My studio also provides a limited assortment of dance costumes, dresses, tutus and leotards that can also be worn for a shoot. I encourage you to contact the studio for more details.

No. We do not permit escorts of any kind (including significant others) to attend a photoshoot. The only exception to this rule is that one person, either a parent or legal guardian, may attend the photoshoot only in cases where the model is a minor. We require that the parent in attendance refrain from coaching/directing their minor during the photoshoot.

No personal cameras or video recording devices of any kind, including cell phones, are allowed to be used in the studio during the photoshoot. If you must use your cellphone to make or receive a call, we ask that you do so outside of the studio space.

I will not schedule a photoshoot with a dancer until they have completed a minimum of one year on pointe. This is typically at around 12-13 years of age. Traditionally, young dancers are approximately 11-12 years of age or older before advancing to pointe ballet. Some instructors will go so far as to require students to obtain X-rays of their feet to verify the growth plates are closed before allowing them to start pointe training. If your dancer is 12 years of age or younger, you will be asked to furnish proof of completion of a basic pointe ballet class prior to booking your first photoshoot.

A high percentage of my shoots are done in studio where I have control over every aspect of the shoot, lighting, makeup, hair, props, clothing and color. I’m also a lover of the outdoors and extremely comfortable shooting on location. For artistic reasons, from time to time, I may choose to do an outdoor shoot… always on location in a beautiful cityscape or exotic landscape.

I believe in giving my clients access to high-resolution images at no additional cost. The pictures/photos that you will receive via download will be high-resolution digital jpg images with reprint rights, for non-commercial and personal use.

Makeup is a necessity for a photoshoot. But perhaps even more important is the proper application of makeup for flash photography. Makeup improperly applied can be worse than no makeup at all. If you would like to hire a makeup artist in advance of your shoot be sure they call the studio in order to coordinate prior to your photoshoot. If you prefer, we have several professional makeup artists and hair stylists that we work with whom we can refer you to. We also have packages which include the photographers choice of makeup.

Please contact the studio at least 72 hours in advance of your photoshoot if you need to reschedule. Otherwise, you may be subject to the loss of your deposit.

I make it a point to show less experienced models pictures during the shoot in order to make corrections at times, but mostly to boost their confidence. I feel that in seeing how the pictures look during the shoot, that a model can relax and focus more on the dance poses or the emotion that I am directing them to convey.

My photo studio in located in the mountain resort area of Southern California and I tend to do most of my shoots in my private studio for the greatest amount of control. For on location shoots, the world is my studio, but I almost always choose to shoot in recognizable cityscapes or the types of scenic locations where you might run into a landscape photographer during the shoot.

As a fine art photographer I require models (or their parent/guardian in the case of a minor) to sign a model release prior to every photoshoot. This serves as the models acknowledgment that I, as their photographer, retain the right to publish the photos taken during the photoshoot. This may be for one or more of the following: viewing on the web, advertisements, social media, fine art, books, magazines, etc.

You can get up to date pricing for all of our packages on our services page. This page details how much a particular session costs as well as a breakdown of what services are included.

We require a non-refundable 50% booking fee upon time of booking to secure your time and location. If you are forced to cancel your shoot for any reason you forfeit the booking fee in addition to any travel fees that were paid in advance.

Rather than canceling, we suggest rescheduling your shoot. We allow you to do so without forfeiting any fees paid if you reschedule at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled photoshoot.

While your photographer retains ownership of the photos you will be granted rights to use the photographs for strictly personal use. You will have reprint rights to print the photos as originally edited, you can use them in your portfolio, as well as for auditions, etc.

In addition, provided you credit your photographer, you may use the photographs (as edited) to market yourself, for use on your own webpage, and on your social media accounts.

You do not have permission to sell the photographs, modify them, or claim them as your own photography. If you need the photographs for third-party use, please discuss this in advance with your photographer.

In most cases, seven to fourteen business days after your photoshoot you will receive a link via your email to download your photographs. You may also choose to have your photographs professionally printed by several photo labs in a variety of formats.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. If you have questions about specific or alternative methods of payment please reach out through our contact page.


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