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Jos Moody

Offering a client gallery, jpg packages, and session fees that reflect his commitment to excellence in art, Jos Moody continues to push boundaries in the world of dance photography, capturing moments that resonate with emotion and artistry.

Self-Portrait, 2019

Jos collaborates with dance companies, dance teams, and dance studios to capture the essence of movement through captivating dance photos. With a unique blend of artistry and expertise, he creates stunning visual narratives that showcase the talent and dedication of dancers. From dynamic group shots for dance teams to elegant portraits for dance studios, his work captures the passion and energy of the dance community.

The Skillset

Dance Photographer

Fashion Photographer

Beauty Photographer

Infusing Fashion photography with the beauty of ballet

Shooting dance fashion photography encompasses much more than the simple knowledge of aperture, shutter speed, iso, and the right lenses to use. – Jos

Jos Moody is a highly regarded fine art photographer with expertise in ballet and fashion photography. He is a master at capturing the grace and power of movement. Based in Southern California in the greater Los Angeles area, Jos loves to shoot editorial and commercial fashion infused with the beauty and elegance only found in classical ballet. He offers portrait sessions and dance photography services tailored for ballet companies and dance schools. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, he can expertly document dance performances and rehearsals, showcasing the dedication and hard work that goes into every choreography. As a dance photographer with degrees in photography and ballet, he has worked with a great deal of dancers at every level of training and is an expert at finding a dancer's best lines and coordinating their best poses. He specializes in studio photography and creative lighting and is exceptional at shooting memorable and breathtaking images. Jos is also talented at outdoor fashion and outdoor dance photography, shooting pas de deux photos, and elevating a studio's social media presence. He creates stunning wall art that celebrates the grace and beauty of dance.

What distinguishes you as a ballet and fashion photographer?

Jos is a talented photographer who specializes in capturing surreal and captivating photos that evoke emotions and create a sense of wonder in the viewer. He focuses on creating images that transport viewers into his world, which sets him apart in the competitive field of fashion photography. His expertise in perfect ballet technique and ability to expertly light each scene further distinguishes him as both a ballet photographer and a fashion photographer. His lighting skills enhance the ambiance and visual impact of his photographs, allowing him to showcase his subjects in the best possible light. By combining his evocative storytelling through his photography style and his technical prowess in lighting, Jos solidifies his unique position in the industry.

There are no rules for good photographers, there are only good photographers. – Ansel Adams

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I've been a connoisseur of classical ballet for as long as I can remember. Upon retiring from a career in law enforcement, I picked up my camera and never looked back. My photography journey began as a hobby, but it has since become my all-consuming passion. I started out doing a combination of sports, beauty, and fashion photography with an occasional landscape. Then, I discovered ballet photography, which quickly proved to be the perfect combination of everything I love about photography. I've been shooting dance fashion full-time ever since. – Jos

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