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Our bright and modern, privately owned 700-square foot studio space has high ceilings and professional marley flooring. We are centrally located in the beautiful mountain resort area of Southern California, about one hour east of Los Angeles.

What are the advantages of in studio shoots?

Traveling to the ballet photographer's studio can offer numerous benefits compared to having the photographer travel to a local dance studio. Dance photography is a specialized art form that requires persistence and a keen eye for capturing movement and emotion. A dedicated studio space is ideal for creating stunning dance photos. Jos' private studio is a comfortable 700 sq foot space designed specifically with dance photography in mind. Professional dancers and advanced student dancers alike can showcase their talent in a controlled environment that enhances the beauty of their movements.

Dancers visiting the studio can work without the time constraints imposed by other settings. Additionally, they can work with an official photographer with the expertise and equipment to create high-quality dance photos that speak for themselves. These photos truly capture the essence of a dancer's performance, whether it's classical ballet, modern dance, or contemporary ballet. A dedicated studio space can provide the perfect backdrop for showcasing the beauty and grace of advanced students and professional ballet dancers alike.

Jos photographs fashion upon agency requests and contracted commercial shoots and offers a variety of portrait sessions to the public, including beauty headshots and even some costume portraits that showcase the model's unique style and personality. The studio is well-equipped with a makeup station, a wide range of high-fashion dresses, and custom dancewear, providing a private, comfortable, and cozy changing room. In addition to the business of dance photography, the studio also offers editorial and commercial fashion photo sessions, where Jos enjoys shining a new light on a brand's styles and looks in a creative and collaborative environment.

Working with a professional dance photographer in a specialized dance studio provides dancers with an unparalleled experience and the opportunity to collaborate with Jos to create visually captivating and artistically compelling representations of their art form. Shooting in a dance-equipped studio can be very beneficial for any project. It provides dancers and models with a dedicated space where they can display their professional and artistic abilities. At the same time, it gives the photographer greater freedom, time, and tools to make subtle adjustments and create a masterpiece.

Do you also shoot on location?

Jos often shoots on location in stunning cityscapes and beautiful landscapes for fine art, editorial work, and commercial photography. Jos also travels to shoot dance schools and ballet companies throughout the United States and internationally, and he can easily bring his studio to your dance studio, ballet studio, or theater, provided it meets several requirements.

Even if you don't have a private studio space and are interested in contracting Jos Moody to photograph your dancers in your city, please don't hesitate to "get a quote" using the button below.

Be sure to include any specific requirements you may have. Jos Moody's expertise in capturing the beauty and artistry of dance can provide your dancers with stunning images that showcase their talent and dedication. Don't hesitate to contact Jos Moody to schedule a photography session to create lasting memories of your dancers' passion and skill.

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A bright and modern fashion and ballet photography studio with white brick walls, a roll of white backdrop paper, and a pop of color, perfect for a fashion photographer.


The studio is fully equipped with fast lighting, a built-in makeup station, a changing room, a ballet barre, and permanent plyometric Marley dance floors, providing our models with a relaxed, comfortable setting for every shoot.

Please note: Our studio is privately owned and operated and is not available for rent.

You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved. – Ansel Adams

How did you fall in love with Fashion & Ballet studio photography?

A graceful ballet dancer captured mid-leap against a serene blue background, her movement causing the delicate fabric of her dress adorned with floral accents to billow around her like a blossoming flower in a dance

"In the studio, I am a master of light, creating a world of dreams with my camera. The wind, haziness, clarity, and light sources are all under my control, and with a vast array of equipment like softboxes, umbrellas, gobos, gels, grids, and strobes, I can create the perfect atmosphere for any shoot. The lighting setup is entirely in my hands, giving me the power to manipulate the softness or specularity of light, angle, and dramatic quality. With studio lighting, I am free to color the light, shape the shadows, and bring my imagination to life in a meticulous manner. It's not just a job; it's a passion, and the breathtaking results are nothing short of inspiring." – Jos

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